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By sending an article to the Editorial Board of the Theological Yearbook, authors give their express consent to the publication of the entire text and its abstract, including in digital form under license CC BY-ND 4.0 (Creative Commons: Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International), on the website of the journal as well as on electronic platforms which disseminate scientific output (e.g. CEEOL or CEJSH). The Editorial Board only accepts original work, previously unpublished or not intended for publication in other journals, collective works, monographs, etc. Detailed information about the license can be found:

An article sent for publication in the Theological Yearbook should include the following information:

  1. First and last name of the author/authors.
  2. Place of employment, name and address of research unit represented by the author/authors, and ORCID iD.
  3. Contact information (email address) necessary for correspondence in connection with the publication.
  4. Title of the article in the language of publication and English.
  5. Summary of the article (1000 characters with spaces maximum) in the language of publication and English.
  6. Key words in the language of publication and English;
  7. Bibliography (Chicago Author-Date style).
  8. In case of authorship of two or more people, the percentage share of each person in the publication must be specified.
  9. Copyright must be collected and signed. Publishing Agreement

Please send the text in digital form to the email address of the Editorial Board:

Editorial notes:

  • text format compliant with the Microsoft Word 97 standard or higher (*.doc or related);
  • font Times New Roman, size 12, leading 1.5 (footnotes size 10 and leading 1), without special formatting and options that facilitate text division (transferring words);
  • quotations marked by inverted commas, not italics;
  • bibliography and footnotes in the Chicago Author-Date style, all bibliographical references in Roman script only;
  • titles and abstracts, keywords (in both English and the language of publication), bibliography and bibliographical footnotes must be in Roman script. The Editorial Board recommends that all texts are quoted in the original language (any transcriptions or transliterations should be described with indication of the specific system used for the conversion of signs); (PLEASE NOTE: Russian titles must be kept and transliteration added.)
  • abbreviations (with the exception of the Books of the Bible) should be explained at their first moment of use, applying standard notation;
  • the author shall submit the consent of the copyright owner to the publication of any copyrighted material included in their paper (e.g. illustrations, prints, diagrams or charts).

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject articles that fail to fulfil the editorial requirements and to make corrections and introduce abbreviations.

The Editorial Board of the Theological Yearbook informs that it applies ghost-writing prevention measures in the editorial process (“ghostwriting”, “guest authorship”). All detected cases of academic misconduct will be exposed and appropriate bodies (author’s employer, scientific societies, associations of scientific editors, etc.)  will be notified. The Editorial Board requires the authors of texts submitted for publication to provide information about potential sources of publication financing, as well as the contribution of academic/research institutions, associations and other bodies to the academic texts (“financial disclosure”).

All texts published in the Theological Yearbook are available online (here) and in some of the databases mentioned above. Online open access is not temporally limited.

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